Our primary business is to coordinate and facilitate cocoa Trade, Logistics and Financing activities between our parent companies (CMC Ghana Ltd and Ghana Cocoa Board) and the International Cocoa traders.



As reliable and sustainable suppliers, GCMC UK facilitates the marketing, sales and promotion of Ghana’s cocoa beans.  more  

Warehousing and Port Operations (WPO)

All cocoa beans secured through the facilitation of GCMC UK are warehoused by the (WPO) Department of CMC Ghana.  more  


GCMC through its parent company plans and arranges for shipment of cocoa beans to all destinations.  more  

Cocoa Proceeds Management

This involves facilitating payment across borders, which can be an arduous and stressful process. We are here to make sure every aspect of payment runs smoothly.  more  

Market Research

With a wealth of contacts and affiliations in the cocoa industry, we are well placed to provide market intelligence on a wide range of cocoa products.  more