Warehousing and Port Operations (WPO)




All cocoa beans secured through the facilitation of GCMC UK are warehoused by the (WPO) Department of CMC Ghana. 


This body takes over cocoa purchased by the Licensed Buying Companies (LBC) from farmers. Pre-shipment handling of cocoa and loading of vessels for shipment are done at the port by the same department. Through the WPO, in-bound receipt of cocoa, and management and preparation of stock for export are ensured. These warehouses are in Ghana (Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi).

We can also advise on the best storage practices, and have a range of contacts in the UK if you need to store cocoa beans that you have shipped in a safe and secure manner. With all port operations, we are also on hand to advise on how best to handle customs and import regulations, so as to ensure as smooth transit as possible.

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