Serving the World Sustainable Premium Quality Ghana Cocoa Beans and Chocolate Products free from Deforestation and Child Labour.






Global Cocoa Bean Suppliers

Welcome to the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company UK Ltd.

We are here to help businesses around the world access supplies of premium quality Ghanaian cocoa beans. Our cocoa is farmed and manufactured sustainably, and as global cocoa bean suppliers, we ensure all our supplies are traceable and ethically sourced. With this approach, it means our cocoa is ready for deforestation and child labour due diligence legislation across consumer markets in Europe and North America.

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Sustainable cocoa bean suppliers

As we move further into the 21st century, we will maintain our business position as the best suppliers of premium quality cocoa beans with practices based on principles of long term sustainability. In meeting our commitment as global cocoa bean suppliers to maintaining leadership in the sustainable cocoa economy worldwide, we have built our business strategy on three pillars of sustainability.

About Us



We make sure all our product complies with UK and EU regulations regarding the ability to trace our cocoa beans to their source, through all stages of production, processing and distribution.


All our cocoa beans are sourced from sustainable farms, with measures in place to prevent exploitative labour practices and ensure all sites do no lasting damage to the ecology and environment.


With manufacturers needing a reliable and dependable supply chain, we take every effort to ensure reliable production, transportation, delivery and above all quality for our clients.






Helping major brands and small businesses

We've been helping brands purchase high quality cocoa beans and define their position in the cocoa value chain since the beginning of commercial cocoa export. The times may have changed, but our desire for success and delivering quality hasn't. We are global cocoa bean suppliers driven by technology and innovation to ensure we fulfil our key mission of ensuring that our clients find success in the purchase of high quality cocoa beans. Get in touch so that we can kick-start your cocoa business today.







Bringing Ghanaian cocoa to the world marketplace

As worldwide cocoa bean suppliers, our primary aim is to expedite cocoa trade and transactions. By making the process as smooth as possible, and by helping businesses find a market for their products, and access Ghanaian cocoa, Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company UK creates an environment where our national cocoa industry flourishes alongside your own for many years to come.

We collaborate with hundreds of partners in the cocoa industry, in Ghana, and worldwide, to help make sure you have a smooth supply chain, and help you find a market for your product. Whether you are an existing client or a potential one, we look forwards to a great working relationship.

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